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Alessandra.Italian. 26. Aspiring writer. Black belt in Karate. I used to be on Tumblr all the time. Now I have a job and I'm here only on the weekends. I used to make lots of graphics and gifs, now I don't have time and I'm sad about it. But I'm still addicted to a great deal of tv-shows and I keep watching them whenever I can. I love chocolate and pizza, I hate crowded spaces and one day I'd like to travel around the world, do bungee jumping and fall in love with the perfect guy.
In this blog you're going to find stuff (mostly) about: TheVampireDiaries. DoctorWho. Sherlock. Haven. Teen Wolf. Beauty and the Beast. TrueBlood. Supernatural.
Not to mention lots of stuff about all the actors and actresses that I love:Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey J., Jennifer Lawrence, Nina Dobrev and many others.
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Jenna Coleman for LA Times

Tom watched her jog off, his jaw agape. She had just insulted him. She had insulted him in Shakespeare. Not just in Shakespeare, but in at least five different plays of Shakespeare. Where did the mouthy little vermin get the gall to insult him in Shakespeare? It was spiritedly performed, as well, with an energetic vivacity that was unexpected at five in the morning. And she insulted Shakespeare! He didn’t care how beautiful your lips looked as they dripped vinegar instead of honey; you don’t get to insult Shakespeare in front of him and escape without a rebuke. Except, apparently, if you were her.

The Girl Downstairs - fanfiction about Tom Hiddleston (X  )      

Benedict Cumberbatch on English Heritage from BAFTA New York on Vimeo.